Get Mouse to work on DOS and Windows 3.11

It took me a while to find out how to get my mouse to work on both DOS and Windows 3.11 or Windows 3.1. I messed around with my config.sys and it prevented me from booting, so I stopped working on my computer for a couple months. Finally decided to tackle the task again and had use an old boot disk, and edit the config.sys to undo my mess. Here’s the problem and solution.


Mouse will work in DOS, but not work in Windows, or mouse will work in Windows, but not in DOS.


Download Microsoft Mouse 9.X from WinWorld and install it inside of Windows. This program was made for both DOS and Windows. During installation, it will actually ask you if you want to install for both DOS and Windows. Here’s the link to the Microsoft Mouse page on WinWorld:

There’s also an 11.X version, but I didn’t try it. Once I installed the 9.X driver, everything worked perfect for me.