Goals for 2021 and Beyond

A lot has gone on in the last couple years. I have experienced some setbacks, while I’ve been able to achieve some gains just by fighting against my setbacks. Since it feels like 2020 has pretty much been a wash, I want to get my head around 2021 in order to make some moves, and really feel good about what I’m accomplishing in life.

A quick summary of the past year: I turned forty-something, began working remotely, went through major anxiety due to my world being flipped upside-down, went on medication, medication helped, became somewhat sane, began deep diving into some hobbies, and went on a legit 2-week vacation to wrap up the year. I’m feeling pretty good now, and I want to make some strides to really conquer my setbacks and be able to excel in the years to come.

Some of the goals I’m looking to achieve this year include:

  • Restart my website, and not stress out about making it anything more special than it needs to be; just be consistent in writing and getting my thoughts and activities recorded.
  • Continue making financial gains. Maybe take a step into buying an investment property.
  • Finish repairing any computers I have; set them up to perfection in order to play all the fun games I want. Also, I want to get rid of any electronics that is just sitting and collecting dust. If I can’t use it or display it, I want it gone.
  • Loose weight. In 2020, I hit my highest weight ever at 204lbs. I feel my anxiety medication had something to do with it, but it may have just been that I have done less walking and moving overall; could be both, don’t know. Today marks the last day of my medication. Since late 2020, I have amped up how many steps I’m taking each day, and my work outs have been more consistent. I am back under 200lbs. I will begin keeping a journal here of my workouts to help keep me motivated.
  • Reduce my alcohol consumption. I love booze! I guess I’ve just been lucky to never really be negatively impacted by drinking. In fact, a lot of awesome memories have been made on partying. I really don’t want to experience any negative health problems due to my fun-having, so I need to achieve a true balance.
  • Make gains in my next career move. I want to explore getting into options and drone operation. I want to make significant gains in educating myself, starting my first options trade, buying a drone, and eventually getting a drone operating license. All this may just end up being a fun hobby, but I never know where it will take me, so I need to complete my education this year.

Let’s start with this list. I can make all this happen in 2021, and when I do, it will put me in a much better place to being a better me. A better me means a better husband to my wife, and better father to my child; it’s a win all around.