P90X – Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X

I love P90X. I have been doing the workouts intermittently since 2009. I shift from doing a workout every other day, to just the weekends. I’ve been getting some results over the years, but due to my setbacks in 2020, I’ve packed on the pounds regardless of any workouts I had put in. Beginning this week, I am doing the full program. By journaling my progress, I’m hoping it will help focus in on my setbacks while keeping me inspired to continue the program to the end.

What Did Not Work Yesterday

Over President’s Day weekend, I put my old ass on a skateboard and tried to board over to our local pet store to get crickets. I don’t have any animals that eat crickets; just wanted to buy them and set them free….. that was my attempt at a joke.

Anywho, I had not completed a proper skateboard ride since I was a kid. My daughter bought the skateboard almost a year ago, and I have been curious ever since I laid eyes on it. A few weeks ago, I noodled around and relearned how to balance myself. My ride to the pet store ended up working muscles between my legs that I must never have worked out before. I have been pushing through my P90X workout with some major soreness.

The workouts this week have gone smoothly with the exception of Ab Ripper X. On Monday, I barely got through three exercises before I had to give up. Last night, I got through four. I’m doing better, but it is still embarrassing as I used to do Ab Ripper fairly easily; I could at least complete it. Do your best, and forget the rest.

Including some photos to show where I’m starting at.

Height – 5’9″ Weight – 198lbs