P90X – Day 4-10

After day 3, I went into Yoga X on day 4. I was not looking forward to doing yoga as I am no where near as limber as I used to be. I remember trying Yoga X about 10 years ago and it wrecked me. This time around though, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I think I over-hyped myself thinking it was going to be really painful, but with that in mind, I made sure not to over do any of the moves. I completely avoided the moves that I knew were dangerous (e.g. a hand stand with my body in the shape of a ball). Some notable moves that were challenging include warrior 3 and variations of one-legged holds.

I wrapped up the week with Legs & Back on Friday, Kempo X on Saturday, and resting on Sunday. Nothing to report on those. Legs & Back can be challenging because at my age, the knees are always cracking. There’s quite a bit of pain, but nothing too extreme. Kempo X is pretty basic; it’s a nice feel-good routine.

The following week, all the routines were easier the second go-around with the exception of Ab Ripper X. That program is still killing me. I am now able to through four moves out of 11. It is incredibly pathetic, but I make small progress each time.

Current Weight – 196.4lbs